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Dr. Brian Ray

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  • carl.lucas
    Dear Homeschool Parents, December 1, 2006 Here are the details of Dr. Brian Ray s upcoming visit to northern Nevada! Dr. Ray is a (in my
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      Dear Homeschool Parents,                     December 1, 2006

      Here are the details of Dr. Brian Ray's upcoming visit to northern Nevada!  Dr. Ray is a (in my opinion he's "the") leading expert on homeschooling.  Please make time to come and learn.  Bring your spouses and friends!

      -Frank Schnorbus
      NHN Vice Chair

      PS - Please forward this to other loops or persons who might be interested.  The attached flyer may also be used.

      A Strong Vision
      Homeschooling Works, and Increases Freedom

      Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.
      President of the National Home Education Research Institute and Homeschooling Father of Eight Children

      Date:      December 11, 2006, Monday, 6:30 P.M. - 8:30 P.M.

      Place:   The Church
      1205 N McCarran Blvd
      Reno, Nevada
      (at the intersection of N. McCarran and Clear Acre, across from Sonic)

      Contact Person(s): RSVP by Dec. 9 is preferred (or just show up at the last minute)
      Shelley -- budyshell@yahoo. com or 775 856 2086
      Dr. Brian Ray - at NHERI, mail@... or 503-364-1490

      Free Admission but contributions to the nonprofit National Home Education Research Institute will be encouraged. Books, tapes, and videos will be available from NHERI.

      Dr. Ray's message will challenge and educate those new to or critical of homeschooling. He will also encourage those who are new or experienced homeschoolers. Dr. Ray will present the results of the latest research on home education, challenge you to consider your philosophy of education and both the parents' and the government's role in education, and explain how the modern homeschool movement is bringing significant zeal and change to this nation.
      Dr. Ray will help you consider the answers to questions such as the following:
      o Are parents qualified to teach their children?
      o Are these children receiving an adequate academic education?
      o What about socialization? (What is socialization, by the way?)
      o Should minorities homeschool their children?
      o How will these children behave when they get into the 3real world? of adulthood2
      o Do the home educated learn as much as those in conventional schools?
      o What do certain worldviews or God have to say about who should be educating - teaching, training, discipling, indoctrinating - children?
      o Why are some parents tempted to want or allow the state to serve as a codependent to themselves?
      o Why is the lure of government handouts so strong?
      o Are proponents of statism cooperating with or co-opting homeschoolers' standards and plans for their children and their country?
      o What should be your short-term and long-term visions?
      Bring the curious, the critic, your friend, your pastor, and your children's grandparents.
      Dr. Ray will have some good books and reports on homeschooling and child training for sale.
      Dr. Ray has been critically reviewing research in the area of home education for over a decade. He is the founding editor of
      Home School Researcher, a quarterly refereed journal dispersing research in home education; has published numerous articles on home education in professional journals (e.g., Peabody Journal of Education, Educational Leadership), Christianity Today, and Homeschooling Today magazine; has been interviewed by numerous radio, print, and television media, including two appearances on the 3NBC Today Show2 with presidents of the National Education Association; has been a professor of education at the undergraduate and graduate levels; is an outstanding researcher, and takes a logical and friendly approach to home education. His Ph.D. is in science education from Oregon State University. His newest books are Home Educated and Now Adults and Worldwide Guide to Homeschooling (available online www.nheri.org) . Dr. and Mrs. Ray are homeschooling parents of eight children. If you have an interest in or concern about the 3outcomes of home education,2 think that homeschooling is bad for society, have an interest in 3a strong and enduring philosophy,2 or you are a veteran homeschooler who just needs a little morale boost, you won't want to miss this presentation. Good books and other relevant resources on child training and homeschooling will be available.

      National Home Education Research Institute
      PO Box 13939   Salem OR 97309     503/364 1490   fax 503/364-2827     www.nheri.org    mail@...
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