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Girls Who Get It

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  • stirrupsnsage
    I know we all come from different walks of life on this list. I wondered if there might be other LDS homeschooled girls on the list who would
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2013
      I know we all come from different walks of life on this list. I wondered if there might be other LDS homeschooled girls on the list who would be interested in this. 
      My daughter took this class last time and liked it so much she wants to take it again! I was kind of hesitant before signing up the first time because I wasn't sure if my daughter was too young or whether it was something she really needed. But I am so happy we did. It has had a real impact on her life. She has thought a lot about her goals, her weaknesses and faults, and how to improve. It was wonderful to have her take this class while she is this young. The girls read, set goals, and meet together on a weekly two hour call with Celestia who is a homeschool mom in Utah. This was created for LDS girls, but I am quite sure anyone would be more than welcome.
      Jennetta Billhimer
      PS Celestia teaches one for moms too. It helps you really think about how to free yourself from addictions such as too much computer time, too much sugar, or whatever other vices might be keeping you from being your best self.
      A New Class for Girls: Girls Who Get It!
      Because the porn epidemic is increasing...because boys have more risks stacked against them in their quest to be fathers and providers...and because girls are more likely to be depressed and anxious than they were 30 years ago! The Girls Who Get It Course is a 12 week course to help girls claim the power and beauty of girlish virtue as they prepare for joyful wifehood and motherhood in a darkening addictive world.
      For LDS young women ages 14 and up. Young women will learn
      the brain chemistry of self-betrayal and addiction, how to fight negative voices in the head, how to evaluate a suitor, the difference between dating and courtship, the importance of the For Strength of Youth Standards, Hebrew vs. Roman worldview, the physiology and wisdom behind God’s commandments, how to set goals and achieve more and more self-mastery for a lifetime, and the importance of the traditional family and traditional gender roles.
      Monday afternoons
      1 to 3 PM MT
      2 to 4 PM CT
      3 to 5 PM ET
      noon to 2 PM PT
      These classes are over the phone as a conference call! Mothers are welcome to listen in!
      Registration info:
      Cost is $97 if you sign up by the early bird deadline of Sat. August 31, midnight MT
      $147 if you sign up by Sat. Sept. 7, 2013.
      Class starts Monday Sept. 10, 2013 and goes for 12 weeks
      To take the course you have an additional $50 cost to pay for a journal, book (Like Dragons Did They Fight), and DVD. These are the materials for the Eternal Warriors course written by Maurice Harker and Aneladee Milne. The Girls Who Get It course is an LDS-based addiction prevention course. It is the same 8 week Eternal Warriors course with 4 more weeks of lessons customized to LDS young women covering the topics above.
      Send money via paypal.com to info@....
      Include name and age of girl, mother's name, and family phone number. Or call 801-544-7548 to arrange other form of payment.
      Upon receipt of payment, you will get an email on how to order the materials.
      This class is taught by Celestia Shumway. I am a mom of 7, ages 3 to 19, with my oldest on a mission. I have been married for 22 years and love to mentor!
      “This class made me think...a lot. 
      When I started it was because I had recieved a prompting to take the class.  I'm so glad that I did.  The principles I learned helped to gain control over aspects of my life that were tricky for me, It reminded me that divine intervention is always there.  I've developed habits from this that I will practice forever.  It talks about drills and other things you can do to stop the 'shoulder devil' moments. I would recommend this class to everyone.” C.B., age 14, UT

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