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Re: Children are not small adults!

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    Such a great article,?Carolyn. I d love to hear more from you and others in the group about topics like this. ? Jennetta ... From: ECHO-NV
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      Such a great article, Carolyn. I'd love to hear more from you and others in the group about topics like this.

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      Children are not small adults! by "Carolyn" nevadafiddler


      Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:50 am (PST) . Posted by:

      "Carolyn" nevadafiddler

      Here's a link to a wonderful article in the Natural Child Project magazine. Jan Hunt is very articulate about how we can change our response to a fussy or emotional little person by validating their feelings. I witnessed a family bringing 2 little boys into the hospital for some kind of procedure. The boys were ok until it was time for one of them to go in and then it was screams, shouts and wailings of protest for a full 5 minutes while the doctor or nurse did the required procedure. I still wonder if this could have been drastically different if either of the adults involved had even once said to the child, "I know this is scary and I can see how much you wish we didn't need to do this. Getting a shot (or whatever they were doing) hurts, but it'll be over soon. I'm going to be there with you to make sure it isn't any worse than it has to be." Acknowledging the feelings, whether they are anger, sadness, frustration or whatever, is s o important. I know it can sound funny to our untrained ears to hear ourselves say something like that, but give it a try next time things are tough for your little one. Anyway, Jan Hunt says it better than I do: http://www.naturalc hild.org/ jan_hunt/ new_way.html


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