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two fun STEM books

We've got woodpeckers aplenty around us, so I was happy to see a new book about them: Woodpecker Wham! by April Pulley Sayre - over at Archimedes Notebook
Sue Heavenrich
Jun 26

National Pollinator Week and book by local author

A friend and local writer, Liz Rosenberg, has a new book out, "What James Said". My review -and interview with Liz- is posted at Sally's Bookshelf today:
Sue Heavenrich
Jun 19

science Friday

Next week is National Pollinator Week, so I've posted a whole bunch of "bee-watching" activities over at Archimedes Notebook.
Sue Heavenrich
Jun 12

books for science & fun

This is the year of the pollinator. Last month the White House released a plan to protect and enhance populations of Monarch butterflies and honey bees. If
Sue Heavenrich
Jun 5

Books about Rocks and Space Pets

Laura Purdie Salas has a new book in her wonderful "can be" series... "A Rock Can Be". Poetyry, art, science... perfect for kids (and adults) - Review plus
Sue Heavenrich
May 29

Rainy Day Reading

Today over at Sally's Bookshelf: a review of "Click", an ordinary reading lamp that does extraordinary things once the light goes
Sue Heavenrich
May 25

books for STEM and STEAM and just plain fun

Most people know STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). STEAM adds art (that's the A). And these two books have plenty of both. "Clink" is about a
Sue Heavenrich
May 22

great STEM picture books

Today I've posted reviews (and beyond-the-book activities) for two STEM picture books.High Tide for Horseshoe Crabs is packed full of info about the Delaware
Sue Heavenrich
May 8

great Civil War Historical Fiction

My kids loved reading about the Civil War - fiction, nonfiction, info books with pictures of uniforms and maps of battles. They would have loved this book
Sue Heavenrich
May 4

Good books for Art, Language and STEM

Reviews of two new books - plus activities and one author interview - on my blogs today:over at Archimedes Notebook it's all about bird artist (and Ithacan)
Sue Heavenrich
May 1

some fun with owls

Today over at Sally's Bookshelf: review of "Owl Boy" plus hands-on science and art activities. Fun things to do on a rainy
Sue Heavenrich
Apr 27

books about pollinators

There's a lot of interest - and awareness- of pollinators. So much so that our local county extension is offering workshops this summer on growing
Sue Heavenrich
Apr 24

getting ready for Earth Day

Earth Day is next Wed.Today I review a couple of books related to the day. Next week I'll have more.At Sally's Bookshelf: Glamorous Garbage ~ about recycling,
Sue Heavenrich
Apr 17

books about animal heroes and "dirty" rats

You've probably heard stories of animals who rescued people, or another animal. National Geographic has a new "chapters" book out for kids called "Kangaroo to
Sue Heavenrich
Apr 10

book for artist/architect

Today at Sally's Bookshelf - review of "Stone Giant" about Michelangelo's David and how he came to
Sue Heavenrich
Apr 6
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