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50Cowboy Poetry Gathering workshops for kids

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  • nevadafiddler
    Jan 2, 2006
      On Dec. 28th the Free Press ran an article about workshops for kids,
      including poetry writing, leather tooling, and drawing. The CPG is
      also hosting some performances and a festival for kids, including one
      specifically for homeschoolers and rural kids. I am going to try to
      provide a link to the article. If it doesn't work, call Christina Barr
      at the Western Folklife Center for more info. Her number is 738-7508
      ext. 236. or call WFC to sign up. Same phone number, ext 239.


      The WFC office has been closed since Dec 23rd, and reopens tomorrow,
      Jan 2, so there should still be room in these workshops.

      Hope to see you there!