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46Homeshool co-op get together Dec. 9th

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  • thearnoldcrew
    Dec 6, 2005
      The Christian Center on 1555 Indian View Hts, here in Elko is
      generously letting us use their facility to have a Christmas get
      together on this Friday the 9th at 1:30. Here is what I was
      planning. Nothing extravagent. Just a cookie swap and a few crafts
      for the kids, but no lunch, so come with a full stomache, because
      there will be cookies. I bought some ornaments of a shepherd scene
      with the saying " Child of God" on them. The kids can cut out their
      hand print, glue and put it together. They are able to put their own
      personal picture in it at the church or take it home and do it. I
      also was going to bring a few things like fruit loops and yarn, so
      the little kids can make garland for trees, and a paper, stick pin
      craft for the older kids to create christmas scenes for decorations.
      Anyone with a holiday Christmas coloring book with simple pictures in
      it, please bring them with you, the older kids need these pictures to
      do their paper craft, along with construction paper. Also, I was
      hoping that we could do a cookie swap as well. If we brought 3 dozen
      cookies to co-op, we could share 1 dozen at co-op with every one, and
      take 2 dozen home. I always love cookie swaps for great ideas and for
      the fact you get such a great variety. Maybe someone could volunteer
      to bring a big container with juice and some cups. That would be
      great too. Anyone who has any other ideas for hands on projects that
      they could share with the group this Friday, please feel free to
      bring them. I hope everyone can come, but I only have so many of the
      shephers ornaments, so please contact me and let me know if you can
      come and how many kids will need an ornament. Also let me know what
      kind of cookies you can bring. Thanks and hope to see everyone on
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