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349Update Info for Replies to Legislators

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  • carl.lucas
    Jun 1 10:33 AM
      HI All,
      Just wanted to make a point  very clear!!
      SB 404 must pass The Assembly!!
      We are receiving emails from homeschoolers on the replies they are getting from the assemblymen on how to vote on SB 404.
      Although we we have a good idea, we don't exactly know what the amendment #1082 to SB 404  will contain until it is read and adopted today on the assembly floor, we need this bill to pass the house good or bad! If the amendment is bad we will  get it to conference committee and work on it there. If it is good then we only need the senate to concur.
      We must get this bill through the Assembly for it to have a chance, if not it is dead.
      Emails should reflect opposition to the amendment but pass the bill overall.
      Thanks to all for your efforts, emails and calls!
      I guarantee we definitely have their attention and please thank the legislators for their replies!
      Carl Lucas,
      NHN -Vice Chair
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