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  • missusfly
    Jan 2, 2007
      Hey and Happy New Year!!
      I have a few events coming up and I wanted to give you all heads-up on them.
      For all of these events I need an RSVP so I know if there is an interest or not.
      I do not want to waste anyones time, especially those who volunteer their time.
      First event: St. Jude's Childrens Hospital contacted me to see if we would do a
      fundraiser for their hospital. I will be getting the info on this in the middle or end
      of Jan. This fundraiser (to my understanding) is you get pledges for how many
      math problems the child can do. St. Jude's is sending me all the workbooks and
      prizes for this. All ages can participate and I ordered 25-30 booklets. This fundraiser
      will take place the month of Feb. So let me know if interested and how many wll
      be participating.
      Second. Where I work we have college foriegn exchange students from 3 different
      I have talked to a couple of them and they are willing to come and speak on their country.
      They are from Brizil, South Africa and I can't remember the other country. I would like
      to tie this in with the Fundraiser because my time is limited and I know yours is too.
      I need to know how many would be interested in this event because I do not want to
      waste these kids time either. We get new students in about every 4 months from different
      countries so this could be something that could happen 2-3 times a year. Please RSVP.
      Third and last. I'm team coordinator for the Relay for Life again this year. I think it would
      be a great oppertunity for the homeschoolers to get together camp, have fun and be a
      witness to others. We raise money for the American Cancer Society, camp over night at the
      Elko school track and have someone walking the track all night long. I had a blast last
      year. I can not be team Captain so someone who is as passionette about this subject needs
      to step forward and take charge. I can help with it and direct you but I'm too busy to
      commit the time needed. Relay will be July 21 and 22. Meetings are the first Wednesday of
      every month at 6pm at Stockmen's meeting room upstairs. If you have more questions
      please call.
      If you have questions on any of these events please call
      Thanks for your time and committment.
      Sara Paine
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