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1452Re: [ECHO-NV] What are your kids up to?

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  • Elisa Liebelt
    Mar 3 9:23 PM
      Wow Carolyn I have only read about up schooling I haven't actually seen it action!i love the idea but am not quite sure how it plays itself out in everyday life! I would love to know more!! 

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      Wow! It's so nice to "meet" everyone!
      Mary, you will certainly have your hands full building and homesteading with 3 kids. I'm curious why you picked Montello, but I'm sure you have your reasons. I've lived in Elko Co. for more than 30 years and have never been to Montello. Of course there are other places I haven't been to either. Perhaps some time you could invite us homeschoolers out for a barn-raising or something.  By the way, tell Amber, "Happy Birthday"!

      John, Thanks for the heads-up re the science fair. Sounds like a fun family project. We love books on tape also, especially on long trips.

      Elisa, my daughter is taking your son's PE class out here in Spring Creek! She has such a good time. Mondays are hard for her though; she starts with art class just before noon, dances from 2-4, goes to PE at 4, I pick her up a little before 5 to go play music with me in Lamoille (my band plays for the Heli-skiers) and then drop her off for another dance class at 7:30.

      Breanna, we started out kind of like you, using a bit of Charlotte Mason and classic literature. We also used the RightStart mathematics program (which I highly recommend!). Then we discovered unschooling. Like you, I had read some John Holt and similar authors, but when we went to a Rethinking Education conference in Texas 6 years ago, we were hooked. Self learning has been great for our family. We've been back to the RE conference every year and have made many friends all over the country.

      I am so glad people are speaking up here. It's starting to feel like a real community! We are all very fortunate to be homeschooling in such a great state. Nevada really does support every parent's right to decide what's the best way to educate or facilitate their own children.


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