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1444Re: [ECHO-NV] What are your kids up to?

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  • Elisa Liebelt
    Mar 3, 2014
      Hi! We are a homeschool family out in Spring Creek! We have 2 boys 17 and 10 and 2 girls 5 and 3. Our oldest is at the high school out here and will be graduating this year. He teaches a homeschool PE classes out here, and is planning on attending GBC next year in a technical field. My 10-year-old is a schooled at home as well as the 5 and 3-year-old. We love be outside as well as inside learning from classic books through our curriculum of choice which is Sonlight. We spend a lot our time either reading or listening to books, my boys are both involved in various books and the younger in Boy scouts and Awana. my 5-year-old loves to read!!! she wants to read everything she has just realized recently that she can!!!  My girls are both in dance in town which I do love as it also gives me an opportunity to hit the gym for some much needed self care!!!! Homeschooling is great for the brain but…as for the body…it can be a little treacherous!! Great to meet you!

      On Monday, March 3, 2014 7:39 AM, "nevadafiddler@..." <nevadafiddler@...> wrote:
      Hey folks,
      I always dreamed of this group being a place of support for homeschoolers, yet we never seem to have any conversations going. Perhaps it is because we are such a diverse group, or maybe there's another reason. Whatever it is, I thought I would try to stir things up a little by asking a question; what are your kiddos up to? What do they love doing? What are their current passions?

      I'll start.
      My 18 yo is passionate about historical costuming! As we are autodidacts (self-directed learners) she is free to spend all her time pursuing this. Through netflix, pintrest, youtube and other internet connections, she knows more history than I ever learned, and can tell at a glance whether  a movie is using period correct costumes. She's done sewing workshops at the California Trail Center and made her own Victorian garb to wear at the Trail Days. Her short-term goal is to do an internship in the costume department at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival this fall. She sews like you wouldn't believe, and I love being able to support her in her endeavors.

      My 15 yo daughter loves animals, especially horses. She's thinking she'd like to get into the veterinary field someday. Right now she is a member of pony club and is teaching her horse dressage with the help of a local trainer and an Olympic dressage rider who comes to town once a month to do clinics. Pony club is always looking for new members and in some cases, can even help kids find a horse to use.

      So...what are your kiddos up to?


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