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1440Re: What are your kids up to?

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  • Breanna Teintze
    Mar 3, 2014
      Hello there!

      I've got a 6, an almost 5, and a 3-year-old.  My 6 year-old's two big passions at the moment are drawing and multiplication, which she discovered for herself (I didn't think it was time to teach it yet...I am not math-intuitive and she seems to be).  The five-year-old is getting the hang of reading, but is at the point in his personal development where he really gets into stories about historical figures and identifies with them emotionally, so we're working on compassion and historical point of view.  The 3-year-old, of course, is into reciting his letters at the top of his voice and copying whatever the bigs do.  We're in the final stretch for this year's formal schooling (seatwork etc.), and looking forward to lots of hands-on stuff this summer.

      We do a lot of stuff with our chickens and the rabbits we raise, and are getting ready to start digging up the garden and starting our seedlings.  We're trying to include the kiddos more in the necessary work of our household more this year and so far they're eating it up.  We do a lot of reading aloud and discussing--we're more or less Charlotte Mason and/or Classical here, but we're pretty eclectic.  (I may have quite a bit of John Holt on my Kindle.)

      As for me, I'm reading through Don Quixote and trying not to distract anyone with the giggling.

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