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1437hands-on science & a story of the Silk Road

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  • Sue Heavenrich
    Feb 21, 2014
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      Friday is my favorite day: there's a great round-up for science resources and another one for picture books & related activities.
      Today on Archimedes Notebook I've posted hands-on activities for testing squirrel intelligence. We've got a gang of squirrels that hang out in our back yard and have been presenting them with various puzzles throughout the winter. Also there's a link to STEM Friday.

      Over at Sally's Notebook I've posted a review and activities for a new book, "A Single Pebble". It's a tale of the Silk Road ... and there's a link to Perfect Picture Book Friday where you can find even more great books and fun activities.

      (If the links don't work, copy & paste them into browser & make sure there are no spaces)
      Have fun,