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1412Thanksgiving Books & a science/history/art activity to go with...

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  • Sue Heavenrich
    Nov 22, 2013
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      Today I'm posting reviews of a couple of favorite Thanksgiving books over at Sally's Bookshelf. They are not the traditional "over the river and through the woods" kinda books. (FUN folk: these books are available through FLLS)

      If you're looking for some more ideas for seasonal and holiday books, I posted a review of books on our local library shelf at the Candor Library blog. You might be able to find those titles at your local library.

      For folks looking for a cross-curricular CORE Curriculum-based activity check out how to make ink out of cranberries at Archimedes Notebook. Civil War soldiers used berry ink to write letters, paleo-people used berry pigments for art, and fiber artists use cranberries for dye. This activity can tie into social studies, history, STEM (yes, you can do your math using cranberry ink), art (potato-print cards?) and more.

      Enjoy the holidays,
      Sue Heavenrich