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1244In slump with with homeschooling at the moment?

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  • jennetta
    Feb 16, 2013
      Sometimes the grey winter skies can take their toll after awhile. I thought I'd share some thoughts about a book I like.

      A big new free happy unusual life by Nina Wise.


      This book is fun and nurturing. I actually have about two dozen markers in it of things I went back at one time and decided I wanted to do, or maybe do with my children.

      It's just fun and crazy and expressive, something to pull you out of the hum drum of every day life.

      Sometimes we wake up and do the same thing we've always done because we think that's just the way to do it. My mother use to say, "There's more than one way to kill a cat, than choking it to death on butter!" (She had lots of sayings like that and, "Well, that would go over like a crocheted bath tub.")

      But the point is that you can CHOOSE so much of what your day will look like. You can choose the what, where, and when of the way you raise your children--one of the beauties of homeschooling.

      I love the suggested "hows". Kind of a right-brained crazy book, but though not necessarily worthy of mention among books of great literary value, I keep this book among my personal classics.

      Ruby Valley