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science and biography books

I started something fun at our library: a "look" box. It's just a jewelry box lid with something interesting to look at, and a hand lens so you can take a
Sue Heavenrich
Nov 20, 2015

Books about food chains, instinct, and the original "Amazing Race"

If you're looking for some books that have activities and challenges for creative minds in the back, check out these new titles...Over at Archimedes Notebook
Sue Heavenrich
Nov 13, 2015

STEM book

Today on Sally's Bookshelf I review "Sounds of the Savanna" ~ animals and their calls and growls.Check it out at
Sue Heavenrich
Nov 9, 2015

Books for Science and Imagination

Have you ever been asked to "tell one more story" and been too tired? When Rebecca Dotlich was babysitting her young grandson, at the end of a long and busy
Sue Heavenrich
Nov 6, 2015

Scary Reading for the Season

How can you resist a nonfiction book that opens with "Abandon hope, all ye who open this book"? Especially when it's followed by, "Certain death awaits!"
Sue Heavenrich
Oct 31, 2015

fun book Friday

Hello friends - just a reminder that you can find a STEM-oriented book over at Archimedes Notebook today, along with some book-stretching activities, and a
Sue Heavenrich
Oct 23, 2015

more animal collective nouns ~

And awesome artwork as well. Over at Sally's bookshelf - a review of "A Tower of Giraffes", a book about groups of animals and their social lives. What makes
Sue Heavenrich
Oct 19, 2015

Books about dragons and other animals

I came across a book called "Oscar and The Very Hungry Dragon" - very fun, with echoes of Hansel and Gretel and maybe Dealing With Dragons. But this is a
Sue Heavenrich
Oct 16, 2015

Birds & Wolves together ~ nonfiction Monday

Animals in the wild sometimes collaborate. Today I've posted a review of a new book about ravens and wolves over at Sally's Bookshelf.
Sue Heavenrich
Oct 12, 2015

two great new books

I've got a couple of cool new books to share today:Over at Archimedes Notebook I've posted a review of "How Rude! 10 real bugs who won't mind their manners" -
Sue Heavenrich
Oct 9, 2015

Amphibians! in fact and fiction

I love frogs, so whenever I hear about a new frog book I just have to get my hands on it. Even if it's a silly story - like "999 Frogs and a Little Brother"
Sue Heavenrich
Oct 2, 2015

Fun novel that features STEM!

I love ants - so I could not wait to get my hands on the first book in a new series by Claudia Mills. Because who can resist a story about a fourth-grade
Sue Heavenrich
Sep 28, 2015

STEM and Art books

This Sunday night/early Monday morning you have the opportunity to see a lunar eclipse of this fall's "super moon". (unless clouds move in)Time of eclipse for
Sue Heavenrich
Sep 25, 2015

reading, easy-readers, and some cool science

I'm sending this out to homeschoolers and some educators today - feel free to share with others who might be interested. This week on my Sally's Bookshelf blog
Sue Heavenrich
Sep 18, 2015

Learning to Read & some books

The other day someone came into our library and asked "How can I get my son interested in reading?"We talked, and when I got home I decided to write a bunch of
Sue Heavenrich
Sep 14, 2015
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