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459th street bridge access

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  • Scott Baker
    Mar 29, 2013
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      Dear Tony Carlina:

      Unfortunately, I can't attend Monday's meeting on the 59th street bridge access due to other commitments, but I did want to add my support to Transportation Alternative's call for better access to this important bridge.

      However, not only do we need better access from the north, south, and west, but we need a 1-block land from the entrance to the Greenway on 59th and York Avenue as well.  The Greenway currently only heads uptown, while York Avenue is the official detour bike lane route down to 55th, where a bike lane continues to Second Avenue.  However, someday the 1-mile U.N. gap will be closed and then bikers can ride downtown to Glick Park at 38th street as well.  DOT should prepare for that day by establishing a bike lane from First and 59th to York and 59th, parallel to the north side of the Ed Koch Bridge.

      Thank you for all you've done to make New York City a safer, saner, better community.