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Start of New Fraternal Year

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  • Zygote
    My Brother Sir Knights, With the start of the new Fraternal Year 2010-11 and the start of my term as Faithful Navigator, I want to thank all of you for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2010
      My Brother Sir Knights,
      With the start of the new Fraternal Year 2010-11 and the start of my term as Faithful Navigator, I want to thank all of you for the confidence you have placed in me to lead St. Elizabeth Bayley Seton Assembly #1781.  I also want to thank and recognize our Faith Admiral, Frank Nauer, PFN for the outstanding leadership he has shown over the past year.  Frank has maintained the highest traditions of the 4th Degree and has left us in an excellent position to continue to grow and execute the principles of the Knights of Columbus.  I want to also thank the outgoing officers for all the hard work and dedication you have demonstrated in the execution of your duties this past year.  I know all the incoming officers will be able to call on you for assistance as they take on their responsibilities in the Assembly.  To all of the new officers of the Assembly, I trust you are all raring to go since I anticipate a busy and fruitful year.
      To that end, I want to remind everyone that our Installation of Officers will be held on July 24th at Our Lady of Hope Parish in a combined ceremony with John Paul II Assembly.  The evening will start with Mass at 5PM to be followed by the Installation immediately following Mass and then dinner down in the parish hall after the installation.
      So far I have the following members and guests identified as planning to attend the installation and dinner.
      FN Steve Rogers and Lady plus 2
      John Walsh and Lady
      Jim Morrissey and Lady
      Bill Cinnamond and Lady
      Dennis Riley
      John Bradley 
      Bill Hmirak
      That is a total of 13 folks signed up so far and is not a particularly good accounting of all the Officer to be installed.  Please let me know ASAP, if you are an incoming officer, if you will or will not be in attendance.  The only one I know for sure who will not be there is Frank Nauer.  All members of the Assembly are encouraged to attend and I need you to let me know now if you intend to be at the dinner so I can get a count into the Faithful Navigator of JPII.  This is a very nice two Assembly social event and it is always nice to get together with our Brother Sir Knights at John Paul II.
      We are also looking for volunteers to help with the Special Olympics Golden Helmet Softball game in Purcelville on Saturday July 17th.  They would like to have a Color Corps presence for the presentation of colors at the start of the game and we can always use some extra help with set-up, cooking and clean-up.  I will provide more information as it becomes available.
      Last but not least, I want to thank my lovely wife, Amy, for letting me serve as the Faithful Navigator this year and for all the support she has given me over the years in the Knights of Columbus.  Remember that without the support of our ladies, this would not be as much fun and we wouldn't get half of the stuff accomplished.  You have my permission to give each of your ladies (hopefully no more than one per) a hug and a kiss from me for all they do for our Order and Assembly.

      Steve Rogers, PGK
      Faithful Navigator

      Seton Assembly #1781
      Knights of Columbus
      Sterling, VA

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