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Re: Furniture donations for Lewis family

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    Good evening Tracy. Thank you for the kind words. The Knights of Columbus are here to assist our neighbors. I have copied our 4th Degree membership and will
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2013
      Good evening Tracy.  Thank you for the kind words.  The Knights of Columbus are here to assist our neighbors.  I have copied our 4th Degree membership and will ask our GK to copy Good Samaritan Council to let as many know of the opportunity to assist Keith and Eva and their 3 daughters (10, 8 and 5 if I recall) - the girls are sizes 5 and 10-14.
      Above all, please let the Lewis family know that they are in our prayers and that we all will do what we can to bring their life back to some form of normalcy.
      As I mentioned to you earlier, do not hesitate to contact either Dennis Riley (Field Agent & a wonderful humanitarian), Stevan Porter (Grand Knight) or myself (Faithful Navigator) if you or the Lewis's have upcoming concerns or needs.  I will have another check in the amount of $200 by June 19th.  Let me know if Keith and Eva need the money beforehand. 
      Tracy, Thank you and your family for being "Christ in Action"..............
      Jay McCarthy, FN and the Sir Knights of Elizabeth Bayley Seton Assembly
      703 477-5934
      Sir Knights - you may recall that there was a terrible fire in our community about 2 weeks ago.  The Lewis family was left homeless with literally the clothes on their backs.  A member of St. Joseph Parish heard from the pulpit tat following day that the Knights of Columbus 1st Principle is charity.  We were contacted and we are now doing what we can to help this family in need.  If you can assist in some way, do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you my Brother Knights!
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      Subject: Re: Furniture donations for Lewis family

      Dear Jay,
      I want to thank you and the Knights of Columbus with all my heart, and those of Keith & Eva Lewis. They did rent a storage unit, and gladly accept your
      Brother Sir Knight's bedroom set when he is ready to make arrangements. They are still in the process of looking for a rental home, but the money you're giving them is helping smooth out this transition, after their world has been turned upside down.
      When Eva filled out the paperwork for their storage unit, she put me down as having permission to access it with a key she's providing for me. Just forward my information and we can coordinate delivery.
      Knowing these folks have no family in the area (and I also have no family nearby), I would hope someone might do the same for my husband, children and me. That's why we are here, isn't it? To help our brothers and sisters in this world. You are doing the same, and I am deeply humbled by your service to complete strangers.
      God bless you.
      h (703) 689-3393
      c (703) 593-7656
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      Subject: Re: Furniture donations for Lewis family

      Good morning Tracy.  I have a $200 check from Seton Assembly - Knights of Columbus - made out to the Lewis's that may be used to secure a storage facility.  Funding for an additional $300 has been tentatively approved for the Lewis's for next month as well.
      I have also heard from a Brother Sir Knight who has a bedroom set that he would like to make available to the Lewis's.
      Please give me a call sometime today about the check.
      Thank you for what you are doing to support the Lewis family.
      Jay McCarthy, FN
      Knights of Columbus
      703 477-5934
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      Subject: Re: Furniture donations for Lewis family

      Hi All,
      We're very happy to be of help to the Lewis family and will continue to find ways to help them. Just let me know when storage might be available and we will
      plan accordingly :)   Thanks, Tracy for being wonderful you! I will be out of town until late Sunday so I'm not sure how often I may look at emails so if I don't answer right away that would be the reason.

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      Subject: Furniture donations for Lewis family

      Dear Deb, Nancy & Jim,
      Thank you very much for your help and offers to donate furniture, and to find storage space for my neighbors who lost their home to a fire
      May 4, 2013. Currently, the family is at the Residence Inn in Herndon and looking for a rental during their rebuild.
      I wanted to introduce you to each other, as replying to all may be the most efficient way to communicate.
      Deb has a bedroom suite, and Nancy has a couch to donate. They are both parishioners and staff of St. Joseph School.
      Jim is Faithful Navigator, Knights of Columbus, who is looking into a storage space, among other ways to help Keith & Eva, and their three little girls.
      Once they find temporary housing, I'll know more about when they can take the furniture. After talking with Eva yesterday, she is very
      grateful for the outpouring of kindness and generosity of people who don't even know her. She asked me to extend her heartfelt gratitude
      to you all. If it's okay with all of you, I'll remain the go-between for Eva, as she has so very many other responsibilities that require her
      immediate attention. Thanks again.
      Tracy Malito
      h (703) 689-3393
      c (703) 593-7656

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