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Fwd: [Louis Martin KofC] Ultrasound Dedication

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    Good morning Sir Knights. Thank you for your contribution to this wonderful project! Jay, FN, FDD ... From: J. Cole Slattery To:
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      Good morning Sir Knights.  Thank you for your contribution to this wonderful project! 
      Jay, FN, FDD
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      Subject: [Louis Martin KofC] Ultrasound Dedication

      What a blessing it was today to attend a Mass dedicated to the culture of life at St. John the Apostle in Leesburg.
      Our celebrant was Bishop Loverty where he offered a most inspiring homily. Brother Tony Gizzie, our Council's Culture of Life Committee Chairman was also in attendance. The reason for this email is not only acquaint you with the Mass but to advise you that the Bishop publicly thanked the Knights of Columbus in District #18 for our effort in purchasing an ultrasound machine which he would bless at a dedication ceremony later in the morning. In his remarks of thanksgiving, the Bishop referred to us as "My Brother Knights".  Recall that Bishop Loverty is not only a Knight of Columbus but serves the State Council as our State Chaplain. What a thrill it was to here the Bishop speak so fondly of "His Brother Knights".  He went further and advised gentlemen in attendance who were not Knights to give prayerful thought to joining. Wow, what an endorsement.
      Later this morning at the First Choice Women's Clinic in Lansdowne, Father Guest and I attended the Blessing and dedication. Once again a very moving event and what a show of solidarity among our District #18 Pastors and their Council Grand Knights.  As our Worth Grand Knight, Doug Anderson was away on business, I had the honor of attending in his place to represent the council.  
      Humbly, our successful ultrasound campaign worked because of three elements in play. First, the fill support of our six Distinct #18 Pastors, absent their Blessing, it simply would not have worked, secondly, the organization and collection efforts of our Brothers and third and perhaps most importantly, the generosity of our fellow parishioners.  We must have struck a cord, for their contributions ran very deep and exceeded anyone's wildest expectations. I will chalk that one up to the Holy Sprit at work..... so perhaps there were actually four critical elements in play.
      Vivat Jesus! 
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