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Renewal of Obligations

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    Good morning Sir Knights. I wish to sincerely thank the 30 Sir Knights who attended the Renewal last night at the Assembly meeting. The Ceremonial was
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      Good morning Sir Knights.  I wish to sincerely thank the 30 Sir Knights who attended the Renewal last night at the Assembly meeting.  The Ceremonial was wonderful, hosted by our District Master assisted by our District Marshall.  The Fraternity that followed the meeting was terrific - I wish to thank SK/Faithful Captain George Costigan for handling the refreshments and desserts.

      3 new Knights were voted in and will take the 4th Degree on May 18th; another SK transferred to our Assembly last night as well.

      Our next Assembly meeting will be held on March 20th; 7:30 rosary, meeting at 8 followed by Fraternity and refreshments at the FN home.

      As requested at the meeting, for those of you attending the Men's Conference on Saturday, March 2nd at St. Joseph, I will be involved with the K of C recruitment effort for the State.  I welcome all Sir Knights to assist me with this important aspect of our Order - Recruitment.  Please seek me out that morning - I should be on-site by 7:30 am - and let me know of your availability to assist.  Thank you.

      Gentlemen, I did hear from about 7 Sir Knights this past week that they would not be able to attend last night's Renewal - I appreciated their "proactiveness" given the logistics involved with putting this event together.  As for the majority of the other Sir Knights in our Assembly who did not respond - I ask, "Why not?"; "Why were you not there?"

      I read an excerpt last night from a letter sent this month from our State Chaplain, Most Reverend Paul S. Loverde, Bishop of Arlington, to all of the Priests in the Arlington Diocese; specifically,

      " To be Knights, they must be practicing Catholics.  Their primary focus is charity.  Most of that work is invisible and intended to be that way.  They also live by the principles of unity, fraternity and patriotism.  They are unwaveringly committed to Our Church, Our Faith, the Holy Father, Our Bishops and Priests......"

      The Bishop's directive to all of Our Priests, " Reach out to the Knights of Columbus which supports your Parish and conduct a dialogue on how best they can assist you in your pastoral mission.  You will find them very responsive."

      Sir Knights - we need all of you to be responsive in some way or another during this Year of Faith.  Do not sit idling waiting for the call - be proactive!

      Vivat Jesus!

      Jay McCarthy, FN #1781
      703 477-5934

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      Subject: Fwd: 4th degree Renewal of Obligations Ceremony Wednedsay, February 20th at St. Joseph

      Good morning Sir Knights.  I sincerely hope to see you tomorrow evening at the monthly meeting/Renewal of Obligations.  We plan to start the rosary NO Later that 7:30 (please be on hand around 7:20 so we can keep to the schedule), followed immediately by opening the meeting to begin the Renewal of Obligations, led by our District Master, Cy Alba.  Following the Renewal of Obligations, an abbreviated Assembly meeting will take place, ending with Fraternity and Refreshments in the meeting room.

      For clarity, spouses are welcome/encouraged to join us for the rosary.  Our Ladies are welcome to retire to the main lobby during the brief meeting and will be WELCOMED to join all for the Fraternity & Refreshments.

      Have a great day gentlemen.

      Vivat Jesus

      Jay, FN #1781
      703 477-5934

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      Subject: 4th degree Renewal of Obligations Ceremony Wednedsay, February 20th at St. Joseph

      Good evening Sir Knights.  You are all cordially invited to attend the Assembly's Annual Renewal of Obligations on Wednesday, February 20th at 7:30 pm..  The place - Rooms 214/215 at St. Joseph School - 2nd floor.  The Renewal will be hosted by our State District Master, Cy Alba.  The evening will start with the rosary, followed by the Renewal and a brief business meeting.  The evening will cap off with Fraternity and refreshments.  Dress for Officers will be Social baldric/tux; Sir Knights are asked to dress in coat/tie.

      This is a wonderful opportunity to renew your obligations with the Knights as well as to prepare for the Lenten season.  I would like to see a good turnout for the District Master this year - Your Assembly - Elizabeth Bayley Seton Assembly #1781 - continues to be a strong and active Assembly within the Virginia State jurisdiction.  Please plan to attend.  If transportation is an issue - Let me know!

      On behalf of your 225+ Brother Sir Knights and Officers, I look forward to seeing you on the 20th. 
      Please never forget that you are the Elite of the Order - A Sir Knight of the Knights of Columbus   
      "The Fourth Degree is the highest degree of the order. It is an extension of the third degree. Members of this degree are addressed as "Sir Knight". The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism and to encourage active Catholic citizenship."
      Vivat Jesus,
      Jay McCarthy, FN #1781
      703 477-5934
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