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Editorial Cartoon Collection

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  • Cindy Koeppel
    The Dirksen Congressional Center is pleased to announce the completion of their Editorial Cartoon Collection project:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2007
      The Dirksen Congressional Center is pleased to announce the completion of their Editorial Cartoon Collection project: http://www.congresslink.org/cartoons/index.htm

      The editorial cartoons and related lesson plans from The Dirksen Center will teach students to identify issues, analyze symbols, acknowledge the need for background knowledge, recognize stereotypes and caricatures, think critically, and appreciate the role of irony and humor.

      - About the Collection -

      Editorial cartoonists loved Everett Dirksen (1896-1969)-his position of influence as Minority Leader in the Senate (1959-69), his way with words, and, of course, his distinctive appearance. Over the years, Senator Dirksen's staff compiled a scrapbook containing more than 300 editorial cartoons. Topics covered include Vietnam, civil rights, Republican Party politics, the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, reapportionment, Taft-Hartley 14(b), school prayer, Dirksen's recording career, Senate procedures, congressional pay, presidential appointments, and Dirksen's legacy. Naturally, cartoonists also used these topics to depict Dirksen's relationship with President Lyndon Johnson, with his Democratic colleagues in the Senate, and with the Supreme Court. In addition, cartoonists sent Dirksen between 50 and 60 original sketches on equally diverse topics.

      Among the scores of cartoonists represented in the collection are Herblock, Gib Crockett, Hugo, Bill Mauldin, Gene Basset, Pat Oliphant, Al Capp, Wayne Stayskal, Jim Berry, Guernsey LePelley, Tom Engelhardt, Paul Conrad, and Jim Berryman.

      There are only six of the original three hundred plus cartoons posted at this time. Not all will lend themselves to lesson plans, though we will add to the list as time permits -- we're working on 14 additional lesson plans at the moment. We do plan to post all of the cartoons on the Web site. As you can imagine, it takes time and we wanted to start small and adjust as necessary.

      We welcome you to take a look and let us know what you think!

      Cindy Koeppel
      The Dirksen Congressional Center
      2815 Broadway
      Pekin, IL 61554
      Phone: 309.347.7113
      Fax: 309.347.6432
      E-mail: ckoeppel@...
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