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WORKSHOP: Congress in the Classroom 2006

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  • Cindy Koeppel
    ** CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Congress in the Classroom 2006 ** DEADLINE: March 30, 2006 Congress in the Classroom is a national, award-winning education program
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2006
      ** CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Congress in the Classroom 2006 **

      DEADLINE: March 30, 2006

      Congress in the Classroom is a national, award-winning education
      program now in its 14th year. Sponsored by The Dirksen Congressional
      Center, the workshop is dedicated to the exchange of ideas and
      information on teaching about Congress.

      Congress in the Classroom is designed for high school or middle
      school teachers who teach U.S. history, government, civics, political
      science, or social studies. Forty teachers from throughout the
      country will be selected in 2006 to take part in the program.

      You will gain experience with The Center's educational Web site,
      CongressLink (www.congresslink.org), which features online access to
      lesson plans, student activities, historical materials, related Web
      sites, and subject matter experts.

      Throughout the program you will work with national experts as well as
      colleagues from across the nation. This combination of firsthand
      knowledge and peer-to-peer interaction will give you new ideas,
      materials, and a professionally enriching experience.

      In sum, the workshop consists of two types of sessions: those that
      focus on recent research and scholarship about Congress (and don't
      always have an immediate application in the classroom) and those
      geared to specific ways to teach students about Congress.

      The 2006 program will feature a broad overview of Congress with
      special attention to the mid-year elections of 2006. Tentative
      session titles are listed below. Additional sessions will be
      announced as presenters are confirmed. More information about the
      content of each session will be posted on our Web site as it becomes
      available shortly after February 15.

      *A View from Capitol Hill -- The Honorable Ray LaHood, (R-IL, 18th
      District, U.S. House of Representatives)

      * Congressional Insight: An Interactive Simulation of a Member's
      First Term in the House of Representatives -- National Association of

      * We Already Know the Winners: The Demise of Congressional General
      Elections -- Harvey Tucker, Texas A&M University

      * How Legislators' Experiences as Candidates Affect Their Behavior as
      Policymakers in Congress -- Tracy Sulkin, University of Illinois

      * Ten Things Your Students Should Know about Congress -- Frank
      Mackaman, The Dirksen Congressional Center

      * C-SPAN in the Classroom: New and Improved -- Joanne Wheeler, C-SPAN

      * How to Get Your Point Across to Congress Members -- Stephanie
      Vance, AdVanced Communications

      * The Dirksen Center Web Suite as a Resource for Teachers -- Cindy
      Koeppel, The Dirksen Congressional Center

      * View from the Other End of the Avenue: The Legislative Presidency --
      Jeffrey Weinberg, Office of Management and Budget

      * What We Can Expect from the 2006 Congressional Elections -- Lauren
      Whittington, Roll Call

      Other Program Highlights:

      In addition to the hour-long sessions above, The Center will offer
      what we call Sound Bites, or 15-minute sessions, on campaign
      commercials, campaign literature, a film clip of Senator Dirksen
      explaining the nature of congressional leadership, a new Web feature
      dealing with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, among other possibilities.

      The workshop will take place from Monday, July 31 through Thursday,
      August 3, 2006, at the Radisson Hotel in Peoria, Illinois. Teachers
      who are selected for the program will be responsible for (1) a
      non-refundable $135 registration fee (required to confirm acceptance
      after notice of selection) and (2) transportation to and from Peoria,
      Illinois. Many school districts will pay all or a portion of these

      The Center pays for three nights lodging at the headquarters hotel
      (providing a single room for each participant), workshop materials,
      local transportation, all but three meals, and presenter honoraria
      and expenses.

      Those teachers who are not selected for the program will have an
      opportunity to register for the Web-based Congress in the Classroom
      workshop -- http://www.congressclass.org

      The deadline for applications is March 30, 2006. Enrollment is
      competitive and limited to forty. Selection will be determined by The
      Center. Individuals will be notified of their acceptance status by
      April 15, 2006.

      Take a look at The Dirksen Center Web site -
      http://www.dirksencenter.org/print_programs_CongressClassroom.htm --
      to see what participants say about the program and to learn more
      about the scheduled sessions and presenters.


      If you are interested in registering for the Congress in the
      Classroom 2006 workshop, you can complete an online registration form
      found at:
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