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  • ckoeppel1
    The Dirksen Center s site for kids - Congress for Kids - http://www.congressforkids.net - reached a point where it
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2003
      <<< Expansion of Congress for Kids >>>

      The Dirksen Center's site for kids - Congress for Kids -
      http://www.congressforkids.net - reached a point where it outgrew
      its existing Web site for one simple reason - site feedback. That's
      right, site feedback warranted an expansion. Thanks to everyone who
      contributed comments to help improve our site!

      The site provides our users with more detailed information and
      activities, focusing exclusively on the federal government and

      Instructional areas include:

      * Independence (e.g., democracy, democracy vs. autocracy, the
      original thirteen colonies, the Declaration of Independence,
      Articles of Confederation)

      * U.S. Constitution (e.g., delegates to the constitutional
      convention, writing the Constitution, the Great Compromise, signing
      the Constitution, ratifying the Constitution, Bill of Rights, powers
      of the federal government, three branches of government, checks and
      balances, the Amendments, women - right to vote)

      * The Legislative Branch (e.g., House of Representatives, the
      Senate, making laws, the veto)

      * The Executive Branch (e.g., the president, the president's job,
      the president's cabinet, the president and Congress, impeachment,
      the president has fun)

      * The Judicial Branch (e.g., Supreme Court, the justices, dealing
      with segregation)

      * Elections (e.g., election day, voting, election of the president,
      candidates, political parties, the primary election, national
      conventions, the campaign, polling places, the Electoral College,
      the Electoral map, inaugurations)

      Although the site is designed for students in grades fourth through
      high school, other students, teachers, parents, and interested
      citizens may use the site's functionality for free. And if you're up
      for the challenge, we have uploaded 3 new introductory quizzes, too.

      Take a peek! - http://www.congressforkids.net
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