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25***DEADLINE: MAY 1, 2002 - Civic Education Grants***

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  • Cindy Koeppel
    Apr 25 7:51 AM
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      For Release:

      Frank H. Mackaman
      The Dirksen Congressional Center
      301 South 4th Street, Suite A
      Pekin, IL 61554
      309.347.6432 FAX

      Robert H. Michel Civic Education Grants Announcement

      DEADLINE: MAY 1, 2002

      The Dirksen Congressional Center invites applications for grants totaling
      $50,000 in 2001-2002 to help teachers, curriculum developers, and others
      improve the quality of civics instruction, with priority on the role of
      Congress in our federal government. Areas of interest include designing
      lesson plans, creating student activities, and applying instructional
      technology in the classroom.

      Teachers (4th through 12th grades), community and junior college faculty,
      and college and university faculty are eligible as are teacher-led student
      teams and individuals who develop curriculum. Priority will be given to the
      following disciplines: history, government, social studies, political
      science, and education.

      Institutions and organizations are not eligible. Inter-institutional
      consortia and other groups of individual may apply, but grant funds may not
      be used to defray indirect costs or overhead expenses. The funds are
      intended solely to produce "deliverables" of use to classroom teachers.

      Preliminary proposals must be submitted by no later than May 1, 2002.
      Complete information about eligibility and application procedures, may be
      found at The Center's Web site --
      http://www.dirksencenter.org/grantmichelciviced.htm. The Center does not
      provide an application form. You may find it helpful to review the sample
      grant proposal at --
      http://www.dirksencenter.org/grantmichelcivicsample.htm. Frank Mackaman is
      the program officer (fmackaman@...).

      The Center, named for the late Senate Minority Leader Everett M. Dirksen, is
      a private, non-partisan, nonprofit research and educational organization
      devoted to the study of Congress and its leaders. The Center created the
      Michel Civic Education Grants to fund practical classroom strategies to
      improve the quality of teaching and learning about civics, with a particular
      emphasis on the role of Congress in the federal government. The goal of
      education in civics, we believe, is informed, responsible participation in
      political life by competent citizens. Current levels of political knowledge,
      political engagement, and political enthusiasm leave much to be desired.
      Part of the solution rests in better instructional practices.