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16Re: [EASSH] Help!

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  • Carolyn Hunter
    Dec 13, 2000
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      This will come together but remember that most of the time its a two year
      process at least. Teaching Reasoning Through Writing: I did an essay
      series on African slavery and inequality. The first was comparing the
      commonalities and differences in the slave trade on the west coast and east
      coast of Africa using two passages from the book. The second was
      interpreting an African story by Kenyatta called "The Man Who Shared His
      Hut". It was about the colonization of Africa by the Emperialistic European
      Powers. The third was a persuasive letter dated before independence to then
      President de Klerk asking for a pardon for Nelson Mandela. Maybe this
      wasn't the best but I did receive my scores Dec 1 and passed.

      Just use what is in your curriculum but assign the types of activities the
      NB is looking for.
      Read instructions again and again and answer each question. Also, try to
      address every standard in the lesson, if possible.

      Prayers for you,
      Carolyn from NC

      jkillham@... wrote:

      > I teach seventh and eighth grade gifted students. Although social
      > studies is my major, this is the first year that I have actually
      > taught social studies exclusively. In South Carolina in the eighth
      > grade, social studies is a combination of SC history and US history,
      > and seventh grade social studies is world geography. I am feeling
      > some regret about applying for National Board certification this year
      > because I am also having to differentiate the curriculum which means
      > that I am writing a lot of curriculum.
      > The other gifted ed. teacher and I wrote a unit on the presidential
      > election last month. The material for writing prompts grew as the
      > election process was drawn out, but I feel very dissatisfied with the
      > prompts that we wrote and my students' responses. I moved on and
      > began entries 5 and 6 since I felt more confident there. Winter
      > break
      > is upon us and I still have not accomplished anything on entries 1 -
      > 4. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? My family may disown
      > me.
      > I feel that I am obsessing over this.
      > HELP!!!
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