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  • jkillham@bm.gcsd.k12.sc.us
    Dec 13, 2000
      I teach seventh and eighth grade gifted students. Although social
      studies is my major, this is the first year that I have actually
      taught social studies exclusively. In South Carolina in the eighth
      grade, social studies is a combination of SC history and US history,
      and seventh grade social studies is world geography. I am feeling
      some regret about applying for National Board certification this year
      because I am also having to differentiate the curriculum which means
      that I am writing a lot of curriculum.

      The other gifted ed. teacher and I wrote a unit on the presidential
      election last month. The material for writing prompts grew as the
      election process was drawn out, but I feel very dissatisfied with the
      prompts that we wrote and my students' responses. I moved on and
      began entries 5 and 6 since I felt more confident there. Winter
      is upon us and I still have not accomplished anything on entries 1 -
      4. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? My family may disown
      I feel that I am obsessing over this.

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