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137New Lesson Plan: Mock Senate Simulation

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  • Cindy Koeppel
    May 6, 2009


      During our annual Congress in the Classroom® workshop -- http://www.dirksencenter.org/print_programs_CongressClassroom.htm -- participants are asked to introduce the lesson plans, resources, and techniques that have proven successful in teaching about Congress in their classrooms. A 2003 participant, Martha McIntosh, Dana Hills High School, Dana Point CA, presented a lesson entitled, "Mock Senate Simulation."

      This lesson will provide students with an opportunity to research a particular senator and write a bill. They also will select party leaders and learn to strategize in a party caucus. Students will work in a committee, practice reciprocity, and conduct mark-up negotiations. They will learn parliamentary procedure and special Senate rules. Legislative lingo will also be introduced. They will participate in a mock Senate activity where they will assume the identity of their researched senator and use persuasive skills to pass their bill. They will also formally oppose one bill during floor debate. Finally, they will participate in one filibuster, invoke cloture, and attempt a discharge petition.

      Find Mock Senate Simulation at: http://www.congresslink.org/print_lp_mocksenatesimulation.htm

      Cindy Koeppel

      The Dirksen Congressional Center
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