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119Online Course: Congress in the Classroom Online

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  • Cindy Koeppel
    Oct 8, 2008
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      * Online Course: Congress in the Classroom Online *

      September 12, 2007, marked the official debut of The Dirksen Congressional Center's new online version of Congress in the Classroom® - http://moodle.congressclass.org - an award-winning course for teachers. This improved version of the course uses a more interactive approach, featuring many options to engage you (and the instructor) in the course materials.

      Congress in the Classroom® Online will help you understand today's Congress and suggest ways to teach about it. The self-paced online course is organized around the twin responsibilities of Congress members: representation and lawmaking. There are twenty individual units on such topics as "What Makes for Effective Members of Congress?" "How Representative is the Membership of Congress?" and "Lawmaking: Understanding the Basics."

      Do you teach social studies, American government, American history, or civics? Are your lessons about the U.S. Congress out of date? Is it hard to engage your students in learning about the House and Senate? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then Congress in the Classroom® Online is the course for you!

      If you need help or have any questions about getting into the course, please contact one of the following:

      Instructor: Frank Mackaman fmackaman@...

      Moodle Admin: Cindy Koeppel ckoeppel@... or moodle@...

      Since the debut of the course, we have 662 participants and the list is growing daily. We welcome you to take a look - http://moodle.congressclass.org!

      Cindy Koeppel

      The Dirksen Congressional Center
      2815 Broadway
      Pekin, IL 61554