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  • Annette Holder
    ... idea what to study. ... assessment ... begun ... I took my test on April 16th at the college assessment center. The biggest help to me was the NBPTS
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      dinobrads <dinobrads@...> wrote:
      --- In EASCI@yahoogroups.com, Dottie Hayes <artwoman69@y...> wrote:
      > If anyone has ANY advice for testing, let me know.I really have no
      idea what to study.
      > Thanks!!!
      > arholder2003 <arholder2003@y...> wrote:
      > I mailed my portfolio in on April first and completed the
      > center requirement May 10.  Since the group has been terribly quiet
      > for a while I thought I would encourage, as much as I can, those
      > about to assess.  This was my first attempt and I have already
      > making plans for any redos.
      > Annette

      I took my test on April 16th at the college assessment
      center. The biggest help to me was the NBPTS tutorial.
      Seriously, if you treat it like the real thing it really
      will help you work out your battle plan on how to tackle
      this test. I used the full 30 minutes for each practice
      test and it was very helpful in getting me to think about
      the testing situation and how to think.

      In regards to the EA Science test, I was sworn to not tell
      about any aspects of the test so please do not ask but I
      will point out that the book that helped me the best was
      the following that I have used over the past few years from
      the National Science Teachers Association website. It was

      NSTA Pathways to the Science Standards (Middle)

      This book works through all aspects of what we were to be
      tested on and it makes sense because it is taken right from
      the Standards;
      Unifying Concepts
      Misconceptions commonly found in Earth, Life and Physical
      Change over Time
      Science, Technology, and Society

      This book is also a quick read.
      I hope this helps you.


      I felt like the test was relatively easy.  I am usually a pretty good judge of that.  I found that there were no surprises on the test.  Plus the rubric is right there on the screen where you type in your response to the question.  Thirty minutes was plenty of time. I teach ninth grade physical science, though I have taught 7th and 8th grade Life and Earth sciences too.  I read over the NBPTS standards several times and the National science frameworks (standards) several times throughout the year.  I also read a 5th grade science book.

      Hope this helps.  Good Luck!!


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