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Re: [EASCI] Entry 3 Goals!!!

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  • Stacy Cordes
    Airpwr1, I don t know that I can be much help with goals. I am banking and entry 3 was my lowest score. My only low score as a matter of fact. My other
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 30, 2004
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      I don't know that I can be much help with goals.  I am banking and entry 3 was my lowest score.  My only low score as a matter of fact.  My other entries were 2.75, 3, and 3.
      My goals in the in the discussion were to be able to communicate the results of an investigation though the data (graph).  For the audience it was to look at someone elses graph to determine if they agreed w/ the interpretation.  I wanted them to discuss an investigation as a scientific community - question, suggest, debate, etc. I was really looking for the communication both ways - presenters and audience. My lesson goals were pretty specific as far as the concepts to be learned or reinforced thru the investigation. ex: color does affect the amount of solar energy an object will absorb.
      Instructional sequence goals: where does this fit into my instruction at this point.  We were studying natural resources, so that is where the solar energy fits in. I also wanted them to move to seasons and weather patterns due to solar energy. Investigation sequence goals: I think these might be process goals. ex: control variables, hypothesize based on prior knowledge, collect data, graph. 
      I hope this helps. I don't know if I am on target.  My mentor thinks my video had a technical issue because she felt I had a strong video and commentary.  She is generally right on target. Rarely is she off.  This is her job - mentoring NBPTC candidates - and she is very good.  My first video had the kids working in groups and discussing in the same small groups. This year the kids are displaying graphs to the rest of the class and discussing the data the collected from an investigation. There were 6 groups and 3 different investigations, so the discussion varied according to the investigation.
      Best wishes.  I will keep you in my prayers.
      airpwr1 <airpwr@...> wrote:
      I need help explaining the following goals to the six people that are
      reading my Entry 3.  Does anyone have a short definition for the
      following?????  Investigation sequence goals; learning goals; 
      discussion goals; instructional sequence goals; and lesson goals.
      Thanks for your help.  Please help me with this problem.

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