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Re: [EASCI] Probing Student Understanding

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  • Stacy Cordes
    Barbara, I videoed my students explaining their brainstorming banners at the beginning a chapter. The topic was oceans/oceanography. You could do the same
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 20, 2004
      I videoed my students explaining their brainstorming banners at the beginning a chapter.  The topic was oceans/oceanography.  You could do the same thing with body systems.  They had key words, illustrations, etc.  The banners were large sheets of butcher paper.  They had access to markers as well.  This worked well.  The teams taped their banners to the front of the room and told the class about what they thought they knew about the topic.  This gave the others students opportunities to agree, disagree, question, etc.  The same for me as well.  They had to follow the QC2 (question, comment, or compliment) rule - no insults!  This helped me to identify misconceptions and prior knowledge.  I tried to keep the discourse flowing rather than lead it.  I let the kids battle differences out as long as they were respectful.  It was quite enlightening.
      This method did not require me to have a set of questions before hand. I had to consider them as we moved along.  You might have some general information in mind though.
      I don't think you want to do a question and answer session. My mentor advised against that.  Your write up is going to be key in identifying misconceptions as well.
      Hope this helps you.
      :) Stacy

      Barbara Player <bplayer@...> wrote:
      I am a banker and I have to redo this entry.  I am finishing my unit on Earth Science and I am ready to begin with Human Body Systems.  Do any of you have suggestions for questions that I might ask to introduce this unit? Questions that will show probing for understanding.

      I have thought about using the model I have in my classroom.  I will remove an organ from the model and ask students to identify the organ and its job(s).  Then put several organs together and ask what their job is and how they help each other.

      Does this sound about right?

      Also, do you have any suggestions for the testing center?  How can I study?

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