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  • Cindy Brogan
    Annette, As I read your description of what you were planning on doing, two things came to mind. First, your Big Idea seems awfully BIG! Have you thought
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 31, 2003


           As I read your description of what you were planning on doing, two things came to mind.  First, your "Big Idea" seems awfully BIG!  Have you thought about narrowing your focus to one of the content standards?  I reviewed them in the portfolio instructions and couldn't find a good reference for change, but did find something that seemed to fit what you were doing.  Look at this:


      Solids, liquids, and gases differ in the distances and angles between molecules or atoms and therefore the energy that binds them together. In solids the structure is nearly rigid; in liquids molecules or atoms move around each other but do not move apart; and in gases molecules or atoms move almost independently of each other and are mostly far apart.

      Also, this entry is your time to show your ability to show student's developing understanding through your instructional design, focusing on their misconceptions.  Your instructional sequence sounds fine so long as you are able to find and correct misconceptions through this sequence (evidenced in developing understanding in student work samples).   I couldn't tell from your description what your time frame was. 

      In this entry, you will demonstrate how you analyze students´┐Ż progress toward attaining an understanding of an important scientific concept over time, explain how your analysis of student progress provides insight into your own instruction and how to improve it, and reflect on how your sequence of instructional strategies works to further student learning about science over time. The instructional period must range from a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of ten weeks.

      Your evidence of student work looks strong -- varied and could give you lots to work with. 
      Be optimistic!  Good luck.
      Cindy, NBCT '03


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