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  • bulleez
    To Science Teacher: Athough I haven t read all of the books on your list, I highly recommend the last two on your list. Science for All Americans, and
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 29, 2003
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      To Science Teacher: Athough I haven't read all of the books on
      your list, I highly recommend the last two on your list. Science for
      All Americans, and Science Benchmarks. I heavily relied on
      them last year and I'm happy to say I passed the first time
      around. You are to be commended for your indepth research and
      committment to your students and to yourself. Keep plugging
      away. You will do fine. Good luck. Julie

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      > I hope that everyone had a great Christmas! I am going to be
      > in 2004...that is my purpose and vision. If not, I am not going to
      > give up anyway. With that in mind, and since I have only done
      > book" labs with my students and have only went to one inquiry
      > workshop this year ( because I never knew that I was suppose
      > teaching like this anyway till I read the standards) going
      > his NBCT process can be nerve racking. However, I am
      sticking with
      > it.
      > This means for me "finding" workshops on inquiry and how to
      > student work and then finding books to get me updated or
      > upgraded.
      > Sooo without further ado...these were the books that I have
      read in
      > the last 2 weeks (#4 I haven't finished and probably won't for a
      > while)and will finish up 3 more before school starts back. They
      > rated from the "BEST" down to "It's OK"
      > 1. "Inquire Within" by Douglas Llewellyn (you gotta have this
      > especially if you like me had little to no knowledge on inquiry)
      > 2. "Science as Inquiry" by Jack Hassard ( lots of good useful
      > materials for Grades 5-8. Really like this guy's format.
      > 3. "Teaching Science as Inquiry" by Joel E. Bass ( big thick
      > monster textbook, pricy, but thorough). He cuts no corners
      > your pocket book, $86.00. This is a college hardback text but
      > 4."NSTA Pathways to the Science Standards Middle School
      Edition" by
      > Steven J. Rakow... the above books explain this book better.
      > 5." National Science Education Standards" by NRC. The above
      > explain this book better.
      > 6. "50 Terrific Science Experiments" by Elaine Wood and Pam
      > Walker..it's ok but not inquiry based. Great for elementary
      > teachers trying to do demonstrations and could modify these
      > experiments into inquiry. Good start: under $15.00.
      > 7. "Weaving Science Inquiry and Continuous Assessement" by
      > Humphrey, and Reinhardt. Explains formative assessment in
      detail but
      > to wordy and gets boring. Useful for small classes like
      > school not for middle school or high school. But it did bring
      > clarity to me on the value of proper assessment.
      > 8."Portfolio Assessment-A Handbook for Educators" by Barton
      > Collins. Gives teacher stories on how they used portfolios.
      > they all sound like they already NBCT and I think they were. It's
      > ok especially if portfolios were outlawed in your district like
      > to a degree years ago. Good to bring back and get a clearer
      > of the uses of portfoios but resouces are old.
      > What's next on my list as UPS brings them?
      > 9. "Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards: A
      > for Teaching and Learning" By: Steve Olson, Susan
      > ( found out you can read this for free and the National
      > web site)
      > 10. "Science for All Americans: Project 2061" by F. James
      > 11. "Benchmarks for Science Literacy (Benchmarks for
      > Literacy, Project 2061" By: American Association for
      Advancement of
      > Science
      > Have a Happy New Year Guys
      > The Science Teacher ---future NBTC 2004
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