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  • Dottie Hayes
    I have heard that you should stay close to the national standards, using their lingo, etc... They are different from our state standards also. I am only a
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 21, 2003
      I have heard that you should stay close to the national standards, using their lingo, etc...
       They are different from our state standards also.
      I am only a candidate this year so I am in the same boat. I am going to do stand alone inquiry lesson and discussion that will be followed by more lessons after the initial video. I think they want a fresh topic for these. My mentor said for #2 definitely they want no previous info so you get lots of questions from students.
      Good Luck!!!

      twins6990 <twins2@...> wrote:
      I have those books and use them some...use our State Standards more
      and find that the two do not align 100%. Should I lean more toward
      National Standards, or address the differences between State and
      National and then go only with State? My unit after Christmas is
      going to be ROCKS etc. because that is an area where State and
      National match most closely. Can I assume that by your stressing the
      importance of these two books, that these entries should include
      National lingo etc?

      I'm really hung up on this inquiry entry, mainly because it is time
      intensive and I want to make sure I am going in the correct direction
      before I arrange for videotaping etc.

      Should the "inquiry" be a part of a larger lesson OR can it be
      a "stand alone"? If the former-may have to be a part of
      rocks/soils/minerals etc. Is that a problem. I have to turn some
      focus to state test prep and that lend itself to quicker lessons -3-5
      days and move on. This year I have been doing "wacky Wednesdays" once
      a month. It is a problem solving small group activity, i.e. I present
      them with a problem like you have a build a boat to transport change
      across the river. You have x number of supplies and 20 minutes. The
      group that designs, builds and transports the most change "wins".
      Follow up HW and discussion surrounds the importance this situation
      plays in our area(we live on a major river). I visualize extending
      this activity to include more collection and presentation of data. Am
      I warm? I think the concept was the issue in 2003, I'm afraid I was
      off on what they wanted and my on-site mentor was lost to helping me
      tecicaly. Thanks and Merry Christmas. I will be working over the
      holidays so whenever you can answer that would be great.

      Grateful in Ohio.

      --- In EASCI@yahoogroups.com, nelda phillips <neldaphillips@y...>
      > hello, I just certified this year and would love to help.  I think
      you should first get 2 books from NSTA the pathways for middle school
      and the national science standards this wil tell you what they are
      expecting from 6th graders.  I think the inquiry should be something
      they are interested in and something you could relate to their
      everyday lives.
      > Let me know what else you made need.
      > twins2@b... wrote:
      > --- In EASCI@yahoogroups.com, eden908@h... wrote:
      > > Well guys, I still don't have a mentor and I like I am that I am
      > > like a needle in hay stack and alone in the haystack.  Plus if I
      > > back out now, I will owe Oklahoma too much money that I want to
      > > back.  So I am still going to do this. 
      > > Plus, I finally got to see what a portfolio looks like from a
      > > special education teacher in my school.  She just walked up to me
      > > one day and said. " I heard you are a candidate and I would like
      > > read for you if you would like."  Well she did read my stuff and
      > boy
      > > was I nervous about it.  She gave me lots of pointers in Entry 4
      > and
      > > let me read her portfolio.  It was very interesting.  Even though
      > it
      > > was not in science, she did agree to help me.  I was grateful. 
      > I
      > > have decided that I am finally going to stick with it but I am
      > still
      > > (scared as *&%$#). 
      > > My mentor is NBCT English--she realizes tha her weakness is
      > Science so at is wh I am here. I am a 2nd year person tha needs a
      > good ideas. What about a strong unit? I need help on video entry on
      > inquiry through investigations? How much are tey looking for out of
      > 6th graders? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. SJS
      > > The Science Teacher---  a hopeful NBCT in 2004
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