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  • Susan Lewis
    Neither one of my tapes was 20 minutes and I scored just fine on them both. If you have a great tape use it. Just make sure it isn t over 20 minutes. Good
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 1, 2003

      Neither one of my tapes was 20 minutes and I scored just fine on them both.  If you have a great tape use it.  Just make sure it isn't over 20 minutes.

      Good Luck,

      Susan NBCT 2001

       "baileyboye <jadatay@...>" <jadatay@...> wrote:

      I guess I need to clarify myself...I have 14 minutes of good
      discussion (not 20) I would not send in a tape that had discussions
      from 2 days.  Our discussion lasted 14 minutes instead of 20.  We got
      through a full discussion of the data we collected.  The following
      day we discussed it a little more (we compared our data with data
      published in our textbook) and also summarized what we talked about
      the previous day.  Couldn't I simply mention this in my description
      of the lesson?
      I checked the NBPTS website FAQ section and it said it is acceptable
      to submit a shorter tape.  It mentioned that it is not advised to
      send in one that is less than half of the maximum allotted time. 
      Has anyone sent in a tape less than the specified 20 minutes and

      I do feel I have a good discussion on this tape.  Almost every
      student is engaged in the discussion, they contribute great ideas
      about further experiments they could do to test their ideas, and they
      question each others analysis of the data.  I don't think I would get
      a better video if I retaped. 

      Does anyone have ideas, suggestions, or completely disagree with me?


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