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  • Donna M. Petty
    Dear Leigh, First of all don t you dare give up - I just made it after my 3rd try. I was 16 points away the first time and 9 the second. So don t feel weird
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 24, 2002
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      Dear Leigh,
           First of all don't you dare give up - I just made it after my 3rd try. I was 16 points away the first time and 9 the second. So don't feel weird about not making it yet. Great teachers don't always have the knack of writing about everything in a way that gets "through the hoops". My biggest mistake was listening to someone at an in-service they gave for National Board Candidates in my district. That person said - don't use the same phrases,etc. that they used, in your responses. I followed that advice for two years. Then last year I was able to look at the portfolios of a few friends who made it. Don't ya know they had answered everything (the things they say they're looking for in each section), "in complete sentences".
           As for #2 Assessing Student Work, I scored a 3.25 on this on my first try. They're looking for a variety of informal and formal assessments. I did mine on longitude and latitude, a skill they'd need to meet standards on the topographic maps. They supposedly had this in 7th grade Geography and again in 8th grade Social Studies, so I needed to know who "had it" and who still needed to learn this skill. My first assessment was an informal checklist to note those who showed mastery. I had them open their texts to a big map in the back of the book and asked them to tell me what city was at (a certain latitude and longitude). I let them raise their hand and volunteer initially. Once they "passed, they were able to move on to the next assessment, an AIMS activity where they graphed latitude and longitude points, to create their own island. They had to add things on their island and make a legend. While they worked on this, I worked in a small group with the last 8 or so students who were having a hard time with latitude and longitude. This showed me using the first method of assessment to address individual problems. I gave them feedback on the island sheets and discussed any common problems with them as a class. Luckily, most showed they understood latitude and longitude on the sheet. The final assessment was two different types of test items. Some were some basic recall multiple choice. The other involved matching 4 sets of coordinates with the city. One was in the NW so they knew it was in North America, one SW in South America, and the last two were NE, one in France (almost 0 degrees longitude) and the other in China had a big number for longitude. This was higher order thinking type of question.
           There's some nice forms for informal, etc. assessments at:
      I just used a copy of the roll and made notes of who answered first and any other anecdotes I could think of. Hang in there!
      "When you were born you cried and the world rejoiced.
      Live your life so that when you die the world cries
      and you rejoice".
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      > I certified in 1999 and my highest score was for the unit I did on
      > However, the "big idea" is not density: it's the nature of matter. 
      > more help on big ideas and themes in science, read AAAS' Science
      for All
      > Americans. That will help you see where your instruction fits in
      the big
      > picture of science literacy.

      I'm new to this online group-I wish I had known it existed two years
      ago when I started this process. May I please ask you for some much
      needed advice?
      I've been reading these posted messages for two full days now and
      have picked up a lot of useful information.  I'm a "banker" for the
      SECOND time as of Friday and I am trying to figure out where I am
      going wrong.  It's the same entry, #2 that is my weakest area.
      (assessing student work) Could you please give me some advice on this
      entry?  In a support group for National Board I heard that
      the "reflection" is the most important component of that entry in
      terms of scoring- do you agree?  Any help or insight from you would
      be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks so much
      Leigh Clark

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