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  • Carl and Suzanna Johnson
    Hi, I successfully completed the process in EA Science last year. For the introducing the concept at the beginning of the unit, you may want to focus on
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2002
      I successfully completed the process in EA Science last year. For the introducing the concept at the beginning of the unit, you may want to focus on eliciting prior knowledge, making connections to the students lives and raising their interest levels.  You can do this in a number of ways.  One way that you could do it is through a KWL chart.  Another way would be to do some paired sharing first of what they think they know and  then share in groups of four and then as a class.  This provides a safe way for all students to participate without having to take risks in front of the entire class.  Another way would be to write an anticipation guide that would have a list of statements about plate tectonics or whatever topic you are covering and have the students write true or false for each and then discuss each statement as a class after they complete the guide.  You could also demonstrate some discrepant event in the subject area and then design some paired and large group sharing around the event.  Whatever you do, break it up so it is not one very long discussion of what they think they know.  Do some research on how important it to find out what they know and to design your future lessons around that data.  Also, research why it is important to know what their misconceptions are about the topic and incorporate this into your discussion of the video.
      Good Luck,
      Suzanna Johnson, NBCT EA/YA Science 2001
      -------Original Message-------
      Date: Sunday, November 10, 2002 17:41:17
      Subject: Re: [EASCI] New member
      Hello. From what I understand the 20 minute video
      must be introducing a new concept. I, like you, have
      no idea what to talk about for 20 minutes to a group
      of kids who know little about a concept. I am
      thinking about doing either plate tectonics or natural
      resources along with a 100 other ideas. I am
      considering videoing every new concept that comes
      around. I teach 7th grade Life Science and 8th grade
      Earth Science. I am teaching cell processes right
      now. I could do something with that. I am working on
      my entry 4. I think it is going pretty good. Weather
      would be good for your 3 instructional activities,
      especially if you have Internet access. I think it
      would anyway.
      Keep in touch. Best wishes.
      --- byrdscience <byrdscience@...> wrote:
      > Hi! I was excited to find a group just for
      EA-Science folks. I am a
      > new candidate. I teach 8th grade
      physical science
      > and high school
      > earth science to
      advanced 8th graders. I'm in
      > Virginia and look
      > forward to
      weaving through this maze. My entry 4 is
      > half done and
      I'm trying to figure out what will make the best
      > showing for items
      > of student work. I'm about to start meteorology in
      > earth
      science and
      > atoms-periodic table in physical science. What
      > use for whole
      > class discussion for 20 min when they
      know nothing
      > about the topic
      > doesn't seem to make any
      sense to me. Am I
      > interpreting it
      > correctly?
      > Nancy Smith

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