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Re: [EASCI] Entry 1 - Important science concept

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  • Theresa
    Last year I used Weather as the topic for entry one. (Still waiting on scores) My process goal was to encourage students to make predictions based on evidence.
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 7, 2002
      Last year I used Weather as the topic for entry one. (Still waiting on scores)
      My process goal was to encourage students to make predictions based on evidence. 
      The students gathered weather reports and compared them to actaul conditions to find the most accurate forecaster.
      Then we gathered data manually and using computer probes and used Excel to find relationships between variables (pressure, temp, wind speed, etc.)
      Finally, students made their own weather forecasts based on supplied data.  They made iMovies of these but since I couldn't submit that, I followed up with a test.
      One problem I had was that the student reports were typed in large fonts and took up too many pages.  I had to reduce them and cut and paste to make it all fit on the number of pages allowed.   Were I to do this again, I would eliminate this problem by telling kids to use 12 point font and limit number of pages.
      Hope this helps!
      Theresa Paulsen
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      From: d_scordes
      Sent: Wednesday, November 06, 2002 9:35 PM
      Subject: [EASCI] Entry 1 - Important science concept

      Hi everyone!  It is me again.  I am trying to figure out
      what "important scientific concept" to use for entry one.  I
      considering the rock cycle as my "main" concept.  I am a little
      concerned about incorporating inquiry into this.  Should I wait a
      while and use plate tectonics.  Honestly, I would like to get started
      right now.  I also teach life science to 7th grade so I could use
      cells.  Right now we are studying cell processes.  I have a science
      lab I am planning on doing that deals w/ photosynthesis, so that
      would include inquiry.  Would this be a better choice?  After
      processes we are moving to heredity. 
      Can anyone tell me if an internet scavenger hunt (information
      finding) would be incorporating technology?  What about assessing
      their knowledge by their creating a power point presentation? 
      If anyone out there has done entry one and could share w/ me what
      they did I would GREATLY appreciate hearing from you.  I would
      appreciate any ideas that would be appropriate for entry 1, 2, or 3.

      -by the way-  I am now sending home a monthly newsletter (entry 4).
      The surveys I sent home at grade card time indicated that parents
      wanted to be more informed about science class via the post office
      rather than having the students carry them home. I don't remember who
      suggested the idea, but thank you, I think!  We'll see how it goes
      come March when my BIG BOX is due.

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