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  • ccrisp@bm.gcsd.k12.sc.us
    ... Pamela, You re right about the stress. I took the AC yesterday. I was so nervous that it took me 10 to 15 minutes to be able to interpret the material on
    Message 1 of 16 , Jun 10, 2001
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      Pamela, You're right about the stress. I took the AC yesterday. I
      was so nervous that it took me 10 to 15 minutes to be able to
      interpret the material on the first prompt. I think I did ok. I
      used every minute of my time. For those who have not taken it yet,
      take your breaks even if you don't use all 15 minutes and all the
      lunch break. It helps to clear your mind! Don't forget to take
      snacks! About the studying, it did help me a little. It helped with
      only prompt 3, Unifying Concepts. That was the one I worried the
      most about! So, I'm glad I studied but I have to say I studied to
      much. Good luck everyone!!! Cindy

      EASCI@y..., Pamela Barnett <pgdb77@y...> wrote:
      > I completed the AC today. I must say that it is a
      > relief beyond belief!!!! For those of you with the AC
      > still ahead I will offer this advice. Do NOT pressure
      > yourself by studying, studying, studying. If you go
      > in as stressed as I was you will go over the edge
      > completely and not be able to organize yourself. If I
      > knew what I know now about the AC, I would just review
      > the TE from each of the areas of earth, life and
      > physical science and look at the various diagrams,
      > charts that are normally included in the texts. I
      > would review the data sections of 6th, 7th and 8th
      > grade TE math texts. I would read up on current STS
      > issues that are in the news. And above all--go into
      > your AC as rested and relaxed as humanly possible and
      > be prepared to pace yourself. I can honestly say, if
      > you have taught middle grades science and dealt with
      > middle schoolers you will be able to address the
      > prompts given as long as you aren't so stressed out
      > that you miss what they are asking for. Don't get so
      > caught up in details with one part of a section that
      > you have to rush through the other parts in a confused
      > frantic state. For me, even with the little clock, I
      > lost all sense of time and blew the first section of
      > the test. Then I got so caught up in pacing myself
      > and monitoring time for the rest of the prompts that I
      > still did not do my best. Do not go to the AC out of
      > control. Since I am pretty sure I will be a banker, I
      > am confident that I will do fine the next time because
      > I know the importance of relaxing, trusting my
      > abilities and using my past experiences in the
      > classroom to complete the AC. You are given a lot of
      > material/sample to read and look at in each section so
      > you don't have time to really use notes, but if you do
      > make notes make them easy to find and read.
      > I now understand what candidates mean when they say
      > you can't really study for the AC.
      > I would be feeling a lot better about the AC if I had
      > not needed to teach summer school and could have had
      > this last week off to review and rest and think. Stay
      > away from stressful craming and anything that leads to
      > burnout! Be confident and positive. And from what I
      > could tell at the AC as I went in and out at my
      > breaks, it is very likely that within each question of
      > every test the examples/samples/topics given are
      > varied. So what I experienced will not be exactly
      > what you could or will experience.
      > As you can tell I am rambling from this learning
      > experience today and need rest.
      > There is life after NBPTS.
      > Pam
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