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Re: Access Excellence Site

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  • Yvette Laughlin
    Your welcome. Best Wishes Always, Yvette ... From: mkohunsky@pkwy.k12.mo.us To: EASCI@onelist.com Date:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 14, 1999
      Your welcome.
      Best Wishes Always,
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      From: mkohunsky@... <mkohunsky@...>
      To: EASCI@onelist.com <EASCI@onelist.com>
      Date: Wednesday, July 14, 1999 1:50 PM
      Subject: [EASCI] Access Excellence Site

      >From: mkohunsky@...
      >I went to the site today, and found exactly what I needed. I had ehard of
      Access Excellence before, but thought it would only be useful for Biology
      teachers, and I am chem and physics and physical science. However, there is
      plenty for all science teachers (even though there is a MAMMOTH amount for
      bio types). Thanks for the tip. I recommend that all EA science people
      check it out. I am sure I will use it as I prepare thoughts about
      interdisciplinary units, too.
      >Thanks, Yvette, for the good pointer!
      >Mary Jo
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