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Re: [EASCI] Re: Going it alone???

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  • Stephanie Stipkovich
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 8, 2007
      <<Either you can you do it or you can't.>>
      I'm sorry, but I totally disagree with this statement. Some may be able to do it on their own, but you are the minority. Most need the mentoring. I tried to do it almost on my own my first try and missed the mark. After having the help of several mentors (2 that were spectacular) I saw the light and it made all the difference. In speaking to many others, this seems to be the norm.
      Stephanie Stipkovich
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      Subject: [EASCI] Re: Going it alone???

      --- In EASCI@yahoogroups. com, Tina Kammer <tmk2950@... > wrote:
      > Thanks for the advice, Stephanie. I will keep trying to find at
      least one.
      > Tina
      > Stephanie Stipkovich <stipko@...> wrote:
      > Although it may be possible, it certainly will be more
      difficult. Why take the chance? Get a couple really good mentors. I
      am not available but by posting on here and on other NBCT Yahoo
      groups, I'm sure you can find a few. I strongly recommend it.
      > Stephanie Stipkovich
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      > Subject: [EASCI] Going it alone???
      > Is it possible to do this without a mentor because I currently
      do not
      > have one. No one at my school has even heard of NBPTS. I did take a
      > 10 week primer class with another teacher at my school who was
      > considering it but she discovered that she is expecting after
      > for a very long time...needless to say, she chose not to pursue. Is
      > it possible or should I keep looking for a mentor?

      I went it alone with no mentor, just my info. packet from NBPTS.
      Either you can you do it or you can't. I passed on my first try with
      no trouble.
      Professor 113

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