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  • Susan Oliver
    ... From: Susan Oliver To: easci@EGROUPS.OCM Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 11:03 PM Subject: Assessment Center I
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      Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 11:03 PM
      Subject: Assessment Center

      I checked out that Iowa Assessment Site Simulation and I saw no similarity between it and what I experienced last summer at the Assessment Center.  To prepare for the first assessment, Data Analysis, I'd review graphing topics.  When is it best to use a pie graph or a bar graph or a line graph?  Seems like I had to look at actual graphs students had constructed and comment...always looking for misconceptions.  You are challenged to notice weaknesses, and design a lesson to help the student.  To prepare for Science, Technology & Society, I browsed through text books.  Glencoe's books had a page per chapter dedicated to Technology.  I typed up notes which really served only to reinforce thoughts in my mind (there wasn't enough time to refer to any notes).  Don't think that technology is simply "applied science."  It is more important to realize and focus on the relationship between technology and science...and that each depends on and drives the other.  Technology involves a human aspect...how science can be used to benefit mankind.  My score on this particular test was one of my highest scores.  Each entry has several parts - one is usually to evaluate some aspect or student work sample and you are always asked to write up a one class period lesson to address the issues.  Unifying Concepts had you designing a lesson in one of the areas (life, physical or Earth) that relates to a unifying concept.  My unifying concept was forces and motion.  My Misconceptions test had me read an assignment that a student would have read.  The student then answered questions about the reading.  I had to look at his/her answers and identify any misconceptions.  And, of course, I had to design a 60-minute lesson to help the student overcome his/her misconceptions.  I am an Earth Science teacher and the topic of my misconception test was about natural selection, populations...survival of the fittest type thinking.  A certain species of bugs grew resistent to a certain pesticide over time.  I passed this one but just barely.  There were graphs for me to interpret on this one as well.  I hope this helps! 
      Susan Oliver
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