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  • Jeanne Elliott
    Thanks, Donna! I m not giving up just looking to do my best. This is my 2nd year in and I REALLY won t to do this professionally and for me. I appreciate
    Message 1 of 17 , Jan 16, 2006
      Thanks, Donna!  I'm not giving up just looking to do my best.  This is my 2nd year in and I REALLY won't to do this professionally and for me. 
      I appreciate your opinion.

      Donna Smith <dkaysmith@...> wrote:
      The part of my video tape that I submited showed my students in small group.  My topic was chemical and physical changes and in my writing I tied it to the National Standard Properties of Matter.  I was asking the analytical questions about the results the students were getting.  I would asked the students to justify their findings which gave me great discussion between the students as well as what the students misconceptions were.  For example, many of my students (6th graders) thought if something had food coloring in it then it was a chemical change and not a physical change.
      I purposely chose the parts of the video that showed students arguing the differences between chem/phys changes and misconceptions.  I ended up not using the part of the whole group discussion in which we discussed the quantative data because I felt the small group interactions were the best part of my video.
      Don't give up, I think I video taped 5 different lessons/topics before I finally got one I liked.
      Just make sure that it is truly an inquiry lab.  If the question can be answered correctly before doing the lab then the lab is not worth doing.

      eliotmom2 <eliotmom2@...> wrote:
      What did you look for in your videotape.  Were you asking the
      students analytical questions in small group, were you having the
      students summarize whole group, were you connecting the inquiry to
      life?  What type of discussion were you concentrating on?  Did you
      concern yourself with quantitative data while looking for a lab?
      -- In EASCI@yahoogroups.com, "dkaysmith" <dkaysmith@y...> wrote:
      > What would be you inquiry question for the students to experiment
      > When I did this entry I looked for labs that had a hypothsis
      > (question) that couldn't be answered before the students did the
      > I had the groups make predicitions about what they thought would
      > happen during the lab and we recorded them on chart paper. I then
      > my students up into small groups and as they were performing the
      > I would go to each group(4 to 5 students in a group I found their
      > be more discussion with the larger groups) and ask probing
      > about what results they were getting. I would refer back to their
      > predicitions and ask them analyzing questions about their results.
      > I think (personal opinion)if you find a lab that has a good
      > question, then this entry will begin to flow easier for you.  I
      > know what grade level you teach or the topics you teach, but I
      > I've helped a little.
      > Donna Smith
      > NBCT 2005
      > --- In EASCI@yahoogroups.com, "ladonnamangum" <ladonnamangum@y...>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > I have a question concerning the use of a lab.  I have found a
      > really
      > > good lab that I would like to use for my third entry.  I found
      > > lab on the internet and I was wondering if I can even use this
      > > Do I have to cite the source of the lab and if so how do I do
      > in
      > > my entry?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
      > >

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