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Re: [EASCI] Missed by 4 points

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  • Jeanne Elliott
    Missy, You did well. 4 points is not by much and I am right there with you asking all those same questions. I messed up on assessment center irrelationships
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 19, 2005
      Missy, You did well.  4 points is not by much and I am right there with you asking all those same questions.  I messed up on assessment center irrelationships and can't figure out what I did wrong.  But I'll reassess what was done and go from there.  I plan on redoing both my video tapes.  If I improve on both of them, I can pass next year (my second year).  I did not meet the standards by 12 point.  I feel as though I could do better on entry 4 too but I am not doing 3 retakes.  I AM determined to become board certified though and I know my determination will come through in my teaching and writing.

      mselig_eascience <mselig_eascience@...> wrote:
      Congrats to all that passed! I missed by 4 points on my first attempt
      at certifying, so hopefully I will be able to certify next year.
      Honestly, I had high hopes and a good feeling about passing this

      I'm a little concerned about one of my scores at the assessment
      center. I scored a 2.0 on assessment center #2, Interrelationships. I
      thought I aced this. I can't figure out what I could have done wrong
      on this one. I'm soooooo puzzled. Does anyone have any advice?

      Overall, I was pleased w/ most of my scores. I'm sure everyone has
      one that they thought they did really well on, but it was total
      opposite when scores were posted. I hear that a lot. However, when
      you miss by only a few points it's really hard not to start the "what

      As of right now, I plan on redoing Entry 3. I know that I can do much
      better on this entry and it will be enough to certify me next year. I
      would take an assessment over, but I would be very upset if it held
      me down like Interrelationships did this year.

      Again, BIG CONGRATS to all that passed!


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