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Hello new member, want to help education grow! :)

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  • Tom Cruise
    Hello and allow me to introduce myself, My name is Chris Glavin. I am an enthusiast when it comes to the growth and understanding of the k-12 education system.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 17, 2005
      Hello and allow me to introduce myself,

      My name is Chris Glavin. I am an enthusiast when it
      comes to the growth and understanding of the k-12
      education system. I run a business website entitled
      K12 Academics (http://www.k12academics.com). It’s a
      complete educational resource & job database center
      for teachers in the k-12 education system. This is not
      a spam mail, but more so a way of connecting with one
      another on a larger plateau.
      I want to invite you all to visit my site. Right now I
      am looking for columnists who are enthusiasts and well
      aware of the reforms and events in the education
      system. Especially to those who run mailing lists it
      can give you a free platform to promote your mailing
      list to a large audience. I feel the education system
      does not get enough awareness and respect and deserves
      and demands this attention.

      My business is unlike any other education job posting
      site, because I am giving back instead of keeping all
      profits. I provide the lowest prices on the internet
      for job postings while still maintaining traffic rates
      of 10-40,000 hits per week. My business is partnered
      with Child Africa (http://www.childafrica.org) a
      nonprofit charity organization in Uganda, Africa. For
      30 dollars a month K12 Academics can help support a
      child providing all the essential necessities-
      clothes, food, shelter, medication & education. The
      organization is in the process of opening up a school
      that will shelter and educate some 500 children. I am
      donating 25% of my monthly earnings to this
      organization. My goal is to have raised $30,000 for
      the charity and their school by January of 2007.

      So check out my site, post your resume which is free
      of charge, post your job opening for your school,
      email me if you wish to write an education related
      column. I hope K12 Academics can continue to grow to
      be the most essential and complete education related
      site for teachers on the internet. Please post this
      message and pass it on, as I am not trying to spam,
      but rather trying to connect through this large
      audience that is present on the internet and obviously
      shares the same love for it as I do. Most education
      businesses don’t value the effort put forth in these
      mailing lists, but I do and want to help in anyway I
      can, while at the same time present my message to you
      all in hopes of donating to Child Africa, and
      promoting the growth and awareness of the education
      system. Thank you!

      Chris Glavin
      K12 Academics
      http://www.k12academics.com- Complete Education & Job
      Resource Center in k-12
      http://jobs.k12academics.com- Jobs in Education
      http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/k12worldwide- 600+
      members & growing.

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