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Re: [EASCI] Getting Ready for the AC

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  • Yvette Laughlin
    Hi. I found a book entitled Targeting Students Science Misconceptions: Physical Science Concepts Using the Conceptual change Model , but it is listed for
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2000
      Hi. I found a book entitled "Targeting Students' Science Misconceptions:
      Physical Science Concepts Using the Conceptual change Model", but it is
      listed for grades 9 - 12. It also have only 232 pages instead of 246 pages.
      Is the book you are referring to a different one, maybe for middle school

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      > Hello out there, fellow candidates! I hope we can share tips and
      > resources that might be useful to all of us as we prepare for the
      > AC. I'll start us out.
      > Recently I ordered some publications from NSTA that look good:
      > Real Science, Real Decisions (a collection of thinking activities
      > from The Science teacher). - might help for STS Exercise II. 32
      > pages
      > Targeting Students' Science Misconceptions: Physical Science Concepts
      > Using the Conceptual Change Model -- lists misconceptions in some
      > areas, and suggests labs to remedy them. 246 pages. Obviously for
      > Misconceptions Exercise IV.
      > Science Educators Guide to Assessment. Lists lab activities and
      > scoring guides and check lists. I wish I had this back when I wrote
      > Entry 2! 210 pages. -- might help with all of the exercises.
      > One-Minute Readings: Issues in Science, Technology, and Society. 132
      > pages. 80 one-page or so articles that are good topics for Exercise
      > II.
      > Decisions Based on Science. Gives student section with background
      > info on a topic, the decision to be made (such as you are adviser to
      > the president on this issue...how will you advise?), guiding
      > questions. Teacher section lists some arguments for and "against"
      > various decisions. I think I can use some of these in class before
      > the AC to see how they work. Definitely for STS Exercise II.
      > So let's see what we can come up with. NBCT's, please suggest ways
      > to prepare for the 4 exercises, such as what might be useful to bring
      > in, how you organized, other publications or activities you think
      > might be useful in preparing. I am still looking forward to finding
      > ANYTHING on Unifying Concepts besides what is in the National Science
      > Education Standards.
      > We are all in this together, so let's share and share alike!
      > Good luck to all who are still finishing the box. I just fedexed
      > mine this evening.
      > Mary Jo in MO
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