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891Re: [BULK] [EASCI] Quiet in here...where's everybody???

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  • thescienceteacher
    Dec 3, 2004
      I am sure there aren't any EASY assessments to prepare for. However,
      I feel that subject content areas you have not taught in for awhile
      should really be reviewed in regard to the National Science
      Standards. I would definitely begin to review over these,investigate
      students msiconceptions in those areas, etc. Also your written
      entries should be those that you are most confortable with teaching
      he classroom.
      Hope that helps!

      --- In EASCI@yahoogroups.com, "Kallie A. Hilyard" <hilyarka@p...>
      > Yes, I was wondering why it was so quiet. But yes, I have a
      question. What
      > are the easiest assessments to prepare for? Thanks
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