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820Need help in choosing lessons

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  • petrossp1
    Aug 12, 2004
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      For entry one, submitting student work showing learning over time I
      was thinking about using a FOSS module called "Diveristy of Life"
      which for me (7th grade science) would be used to address Structure
      and Function (e.g. what is life, cells, levels of organization) It
      seems to cover the whole tamale of Structure and Function content

      One question is: What does NBPTS mean by "important concept" that
      the 3 activities must all direct relate to? Is the "concept"
      Structure and Function" or something like: "Humans, and all other
      complex life-forms, are made of cells." or "Cells have defining
      structures, such as membranes, cell walls, nuclei, chloroplasts,
      ribosomes, mitochondria, and cytoplasm." The latter is actually 2
      concepts, so would i only choose one and hope to find 3 activites
      producing student work to collect?

      For entry 2, probing understanding through large-group discussion:
      what immediately sprang to mind is what is alive/what isn't. Always
      great discussions, misconceptions. Is this verbotin since it
      technically falls into "structure and function?" or am I allowed to
      define "unit" as a functional term as it works for me in my
      classroom? My district has organized the curriculum into: Structure
      & Function, Disease, Light & Sound, Astronomy (Seasons, meteors,
      asteroids), and Heredity

      Any help on this little quandry would be appreciated.

      Additionally, I'd be interested to hear of what other people did,
      particularly for entry 1.

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