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  • bebadog
    Jan 1, 2004
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      I am really confused about entry one. My big concept is on motion.
      My three entries are: a lab activity exploring the effects of friction
      on different surfaces. Students measured the distance objects
      traveled different surfaces and graphed their results. They then wrote
      a conclusion. The conclusion was suppose to inculde how friction
      played into the demo. I had some students that just told results
      instead of using the term friction. What is the best way to handle
      this? I worte a comment how they were on the right track but to
      please add more to the conclusion by telling about the friction that
      was present.

      The second entry is on the relationship between mass of an object and
      the distance traveled. I am still designing this one. I am playing
      around with including momentum with this, but I am not sure yet.
      The third is going to be taken from one of the interactive inaternet
      activities the students are working on in computer lab. My concerns are:
      1) are these ideas not connected enough
      2) if a student shows a misconception during the friction lab is
      appropriate to write on the lab report info that will clarify the
      I don't understand how to show student growth since the assignments
      are so different.
      I have a feeling I am totally off track on this. I will appreciate
      any suggestions.
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