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642Re: [EASCI] sequencing

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  • Karen Cahoon
    Dec 1, 2003
      If you know what topics you want to video, I would try to get those done
      before Christmas. You can do that around the entry 1 topics. It takes
      a long time to write up the video entry, at least it did for me. You
      have to cite evidence in the video, using comments of students and
      yourself to incorporate in the writing. This requires ALOT of reviewing
      that video. I bet I watched my videos 20 times and scripted both of
      them. The script was then color-coded to indicate where the evidence
      was; misconceptions, understandings, etc, before I even started writing.
      I think if you wait until the last month to try and write them up, you
      are going to find yourself in a serious bind. Entry 1 is so long and
      involved, I worked on it a little at a time. I tried to focus on
      completing one video entry before the holidays and being ready to
      videotape as soon as we returned for the next one.
      NBCT EASCI '03

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